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letra de ​​a lost note left behind - dexndre



why am i back falling in the f-cking black?
i can’t see around, all i do is wish to die
i look inside, what is this? what’s my life?
i want to die, this my note to say goodbye
never felt right, never felt the warmth inside
i wish to f-cking die, accept me up inside the sky
stuck inside this void, will i have the peace of mind?
done a lot wrong, i know i’ll burn in underside
will they hear my cries? i never show my true emotions
you try and ask me but my mind is buried deep in oceans
the only way to reach me if i crack from all thesе erosions
i’m stuck inside this h-ll, feeling likе i’m f-cking frozen
will i ever die? stuck inside my f-cking mind
god i’m f-cking high, why won’t i f-cking fly?
i wonder why i always see the devils eye
it’s written the sky, this my note to say goodbye
i’m in the motions, that’s why i’m always f-cking ghosting
i want to be controlling, yet my mind just isn’t open
its okay though, i’m done with all the f-cking searching
i’ve realised now, i’ll sleep inside the f-cking oceans