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letra de lama sabachthani - despondent chants


and i smell my dying body – empty
did you hear my voice?
my clothes seem dead leafs
what i’ve done to deserve this?

the sleep is a cure to this agony
and i still wake here (so cold)
i cannot look at myself
i’m ashamed of me
all these people around me
a sordid show that men create
… is there a hope in death?

sometimes i think i’m alive
but my chest is a spider’s nest
i extend my hands towards you
and you don’t even know what i am

i look at you with a faithful sight
still painful thе cold, still painful the night
the rain washes my facе
i stare at heavens… oh god!

i’m not the same you created
someday you’ll look to my eyes
you’ll recognize your son
you will feel the cold
why did you forget me?

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