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letra de free slugga - desire (rapper)


baguettes baguetted my wrist
fifty thousand for that b-tch
my n-ggas slimy than a b-tch
prolly get you setup by a b-tch
glock get to poppin’ till this b-tch cl!ck
make yo b-tch fall in love with the bezel
she love the way them diamond wrestle
oxycotin’ flowin’ in my vessels
i got that snot in my cup, keep me loaded
that michael jack keep that b-tch loaded
we four deep in a foreign sticked up, they prolly think this b-tch is stolen
i gotta call the doctor every week, cause a n-ggas pockets get swollen
i know why they hatin’ on us, we the ones takin’ all the motion
freaky lil b-tch from thе o, she [?]
tryna get off house arrеst, i’m goin’ to court and i still get denied (denied)
put her on the flight (?)
when we get to the crib gotta take your phone, thats the rules you gotta abide
if a b-tch tryna set me up, she gon die with him i ain’t gon lie
can’t let em’ catch me with my pants down, yeah i keep that b-tch right on my side
chains hangin’ yeah this b-tch blingin’, arp really get to sw-ngin’
i should have a grammy for this glock by the way this b-tch really get to singin’
hits on hits, clips on clips we keep em’ toted (we keep ‘em toted)
i’m sippin’ on syrup tonight so really i can’t even focus (can’t even focus)
he jumped in the porsche [?] that lil n-gga way too precautious
catch him and pull up with that rod, make em’ do the hocus pocus
free slugga