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letra de collections - desire (rapper)


put the car in park
f-ck the talkin’ tryna get in
i’m good on my own
just be their for me when i need you
tryna get off the drugs but he can’t he having seizures
and we (?) so they gotta watch from the bleachers
tryna keep his cool but he can’t, he fight in’ demons
i was in that chrysler but now i’m up in that beamer
got tired of that sh-t so i had to get something bigger
in the past (?) spent like 6 figures
me and my gram’ watchin’ the sunset
(?) they on me they shining gone get her wet
i’m finna go get a richard mil’ right when i get that check
she wanna house in the hills
she don’t even care about the rest
real n-gga revelations
bird bidness, yeah we getting high for a celebration
(?) up in high school like i made it
i was on you too tryna get the paper
but now i’m smoking on ‘za
and don’t give a f-ck bout n0body
i bet i been that way ever since that n-gga shot me
i’m tryna run up the runnin mill never ever gon stop me
it (?) was here i prolly wouldn’t be rappin’