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letra de track 01 - denzel curry


[intro: denzel curry]
he’s usually slightly bigger, or stronger than the average
and has a friendly attitude, an outgoing personality
the leader among adolescents is likely to remain a leader through later life
sometimes his father wonders if he’s alright, mentally
he feels safer saying nothing
at least then he can’t say the wrong thing
psychologists call it a negative phase
this is a common method of self-protection
subconsciously, he’s looking for acceptable and help with his problems
but mother has learned that these things are usually temporary
the less said about them, the more quickly they wear off
it is impossible to antic-p-te when the two monsters will attack next
i wanna introduce to the-

[verse: denzel curry]
zeltron out the barrio, cold as ontario
these n-ggas hysterical, i’m historical
i- (are you serious)
i’m the oracle, i been know what’s in store for you

and all this has been just the beginning