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sans soleil - delta sleep


lift my head up from
the foreign ground i lay upon.
waking in the dark end of the longest day.
cold and broken, still i haven’t slept as well as this in days.

walking on these feet
for what now feels like centuries.
the city streets still singing to my inner ears.
burnt out, scarred and bruised but i just made it through, onto.

blurry thoughts of times
in buildings i have left behind
disappear like mist under the morning sun.
nature takes me back
back to all the childhood stories that you told, when we still had a home.

dare i go, right off the precipice
following the footsteps of no one else.
found myself between routine and heartache
knowing it was not a life to lead.
cold and all alone
still i feel more at home
sleeping rough under this tree
than back in district three.