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letra de el pastor – delta sleep


riding a river, over the creek.
climbing a mountain, crossing a stream.
only in dreams would i ever see this. only in dreams.
down in the forest air is so clean,
walking through nature i have never seen (or even knew was there).
cat, bird, and deer all live together.
i can’t believe it – air is so clean.
walking through nature i have never seen.

everything’s so beautiful in full colour.

been out of the city for over two weeks.
almost forgotten, the sadness it breeds.
work for a leader that no one has seen,
stare at a screen that feeds on your dreams.
out in the nature air is so clean,
looking at creatures i have never seen, and couldn’t even name.
and they speak our language,
and they speak saying:

“everything’s so beautiful in full colour”.
never thought i’d see the sky with bare eyes.

tall gr-ss is everywhere.
this could end the suffering.

before you know you’ll find a home
where nature grows in complex forms,
and stretches far beyond the sea.
the lake is ours lets make it breathe.
before you know you will soon find a home where nature grows.