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letra de oh honey - delegation


when i get lost
feel i’ve been crossed
she will be my salvation
when i feel low
i’ve nowhere to go
she’ll be my inspiration
yeah, when my poor heart
is breaking apart
she’ll put it back together
she ain’t the kind
to show off her mind
but talking of love
she’s clever, yeah
(ahh, honey) oh, honey
(ahh, honey) oh, honey
she rarely spends
time with her friends
tells me she’s blue without me
when things go wrong
her faith is strong
i know she’ll never doubt me
yeah, when she arrives

and stands by my side
makes me so proud to know her
high stepping dames
with high sounding names
there ain’t nothing
they could show her, yeah
(ahh, honey) my honey
(ahh, honey) honey, honey
now i just wanna thank you, baby
for giving me a brand new start
i was going down, you saved me
when you let me in
your loving heart, yeah
(ahh, honey) talking bout you, honey
(ahh, honey) honey, yeah
(ahh, honey) beautiful honey
(ahh, honey) you make me feel
so proud, so proud, baby
(ahh, honey) i’m proud
of my baby, yeah

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