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letra de hogburg hop - deftones


hogburg hop
skinny double overgrowing
plastic sliding down your back
i change you
youre the reason that my mother lost a bunch of bills
so why do something cause of money
those will be the words i say
well i guess and all there you go
then hear the way it comes in place
animals and spiders
scary mary thoughts i dont know why
maybe cause i have no sense of
if to do of wrong or right
im a mix of all the fools
who take the fear from all of us
when no one in the world today
has any will to not die

ill stay
and im here
and im here

screw the other bands
they junky chillin
nor they have no shame
whos the one that give
them what i swear to god
it was unfair
razor blazor shave my eyes
and make me what i am today
cloudy brims of liquid
have no business in my perky stay
handy sticks
they chip my legs
they do no good
they just do harm
i turn the rage of other men
and made me out a better person
who the f-cks to blame
you see or if i knew
id sue the person
the ones that made me
this crazy selfless citizen


shine out to be a lie
whats one know

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