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letra de the remembrance - deathrow


i remember the funny days and the late nights
i remember our friendship it shouldn’t end
i remember how we got lost in the music we made
i remember the nowhere-road that took us to the nowhereland

is this a dream or what?
is this the nightmare on elmstreet?
i think this is the real reality
all in this is the end

i remember your faces which breaks my heart
i remember the lost time that will never come again
i remember i thought this would never happen to me
i remember and now it’s standing in front of my door

you say that it’s my fault – i say we are friends
you say “f-ck off” – get out of my way
let us try it again – laughter is all i hear
this wall between us – will never break

it doesn’t matter what we say
it doesn’t matter what we do
evil thoughts between our minds
will never bring us back our friendship, our dreams
all this will never come again

in the night when you see me you p-ss me by
in the night you say “go to h-ll”
in the pub, in the street, in the bus, in the church
everywhere you see me “go to h-ll”

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