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letra de anghellic $uicide - dead body disposal unit


[verse 1: mortis grimm]
seems like every morning when i wake up i just wanna die
try to scream for help but it’s like everyone ignores my cries
so, i pop a pill and push that sh-t deep back into my mind
when they ask if i’m okay i shrug it off and say i’m fine
but the truth is that i’m sinking, falling fast into the bottom
some of you, life is optimistic, to me breathing’s just a problem
catching cases, drug abuse, what kind of f-cking life is this?
put me six feet deep into the ground with both my wrists slit

[verse 2: ware-wolff]
awakened every day but what’s the point? don’t see no f-cking purpose
go back to sleep ’cause even these dreams i’m having have been morе immersive
than this life has been giving mе
back to sleep, conscientiously where i reach to infinity
an escape from the enemy
that is living co-existantly give me no peace
as long as my vision sees the scenery that’s presented to me
so, i sleep until i can’t sleep any longer
my days are weak and dead somber
stuck on a leash down and swamped up until these demons can be conquered

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