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letra de numbs the pain - ddcentral


why am i so high
coz it numbs the pain i feel inside
i just want to die
just popped a couple pills now i feel fine
i am on cloud 9
i’m freeing the demons in my mind
god is by my side
yeah he be wid me everywhere i ride
i’ve done so much wrong but i’m gonna make it right
repent all my sins start building a better life
pouring out my heart in every lyric that write feelin
ona different planet pouring lean up in my sprite
i can not lie my past life left me with scars
couldn’t find the light i was walking through the dark
now see my future bright soon be shining like a star
i need to focus on myself grind and get my money up
want a better life for my team and my family
one that were there when i had no one round me

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