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letra de sex mate - day day life


verse 1

what’s up lil s-xy
lets get far away, far away, far away
ride with me
kick till the sunrise
you know vibe with me
good thug loving gifted pleasure
feeling s-x mate moments
throw it back, throw it back
come-n-get it, come-n-get it
smooth oh, oh, woo, oh, oh, woo
baby girl grinding hoochie coochie
cl!ck clake tasted popsicle pop claver
command she want to be on another leave
i took this girl out approaching to the bed room
steady steady oh, oh, woo, oh, oh, woo

(background hook sing slow)

stright drinking hennessy
you wating for me
you wating for me
how long it gonna be
grooving, grooving smoothing
oh, oh woo, oh, oh woo
stop teasing
groove with me
early in the morning evening
oh, oh woo, oh, oh wo
verse 2

dollars cent counting chaps
posted with yo b-tch
kicking benjamin receiving conversation
spicy meat season match
we can get far away
yeah, yeah
body shape fo vee
pretty face s-xy thighs
oh, oh woo, oh, oh woo
let’s get far away, far away
escape, escape
what’s yo reason
funky music, funky music
hey, hey, hey
lil s-xy say
pay pay, pay
smash that monkey
oh, oh woo, oh, oh woo
tonight can be me and your nite
tonight the nite
cruising grooving
tonight the nite riding to the sunrise
talking part
shake if fast
bounce with it
dance, dance
lil s-xy shake it, shake it
wiggle, wiggle she shaking
that booty fast
woo, woo, woo, woo