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letra de senseless - david archuleta



you’re telling me it’s over now
it’s like you turned the volume down
now i can’t even hear a sound.
looks like you’re about to leave
now it’s getting kinda dark to me
cuz that ain’t something i can see.
it’s like i’m getting worse everyday
girl i’m breaking down.
got my heart on the floor
and i can’t feel it,
everything’s numb.

now i’m senseless
got no feelings left.
my pain won’t let this heart beat in my chest,
now i’m senseless.
why are we doing this?
i’m so losing it, oh oh, senseless.

feels like i lost your love
since i had to give you up.
and now i’m so outta touch, yeah.
the other day i smelled your scent,
it came across like punishment
a bitter taste is lingering.
my senses have seemed to escape
all the feeling’s gone.
i’m cold and i’m lost no direction everything’s numb.


think it smells like rain water on the floor but i don’t know coz i’m so gone.
i can’t even see tomorrow comin up cant even hear my self scream.
cant even fell anything i would die to love you if i could coz girl i’m so senseless.

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