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letra de can't even know - dave east & mike & keys


if it ain’t guap in i’m not concerned, still i got
a lot to learn
never fail no money, he told me that sh-t
made his pockets burn
been in jail, still avoiding h-ll ‘cause there, you gotta burn
stay patient, can’t be skipping blessings if it’s not your turn

remember i would knock the firm, az
nas and foxy
mama cooking gumbo way before he
from brasi
i built an empire like ghazi, watch n—-
michelin-star dinners or grab
a sandwich from haji
versace, like pac at the tyson fight in
his silk
pops tried to warn me, stay out of
prison, f-ck how you feel
i was built, seen blood on the pavement
after it spilled
auntie sent mе to store to get milk
almost got k!lled
seen a buick, it was tintеd, n—-
hanging out the window
reminded me of menace, first instinct
was to get low
i wasn’t the target, but was close
enough to see the victim
he hopped out, stood over him, and let
jesus kiss him

mask on you couldn’t see who did it
i was like twelve, still in my mind, i got
this evil picture
i watched him jump back in is car, blow
the light, he made a left
and i cherish the air
cause n—– they
take your breath

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