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1am freestyle (unreleased) - dat6paseur


yeah, this here ain’t a love song
but i got a feeling when that girl put that dress on
feel a kinda way when she come up in my songs
what up? what up?
best song, step on, trance on, the best song
yeah, driving through the west with my parents home
yeah, driving through the west to the best song, it’s on
wonder who the haters gonna rest on?
p-ss the phone, i’m not the kinda dude you wanna rest on
yeah, that girl step in the room and put a hex on
yeah, she not the kinda girl that wanna last long
how this girl been making it in my songs?
like, for real?

put a girl up on my phone
know i did it on my own
know how much is on my phone?
i’ma try to set a tone
did it when they told me “don’t”
i won when they said i won’t
i won’t fall off, no i won’t
why she calling on my phone?

she went off like a rocket
yeah, that girl she rocking
let me know when times up
know i can’t slow up
no stop, gotta grind though
porque eres tal malo?
siempre esta ocupado
but, you know that i gotta go
cause that girl, yeah, she like me on the low

[verse 2]
can’t stop with it right now, that i’ve got it back
now i got that back up in my bag now
i got it, facts
know thats facts
ok, i know all my facts, know when i’m good, when i’m bad
i know when i’m not good, yeah, never sad
all you guys hating on me, yeah, what is that?
if you plotting on me, yeah, i’ll show you “what is that?”
if you trying to mess with me, yeah, i’ll run it back
move you with that 1-2, right hand coming back
i ain’t really down to be down with her
i ain’t got no watch, but i’m a time setter
yeah, i know what i’m like when i’m with her
yeah, i put her on my phone and my body feeling a lot bigger
yeah, usually i’m in it for the profit
told that baby girl just to drop it
yeah, i’m taking off like a rocket
yeah, that girl kinda rock it
and she like the way that i’m rocking
always ask me when i am dropping
last year, it got kinda rocky
but you know, i am not stopping
got my head shining like some diamonds
no i can’t cash out
who am i vibing?
know who i’m vibing with, and who i’m not
man, hold up, put that to the side
know i can’t put that to the side
know i live life like it’s “do or die”
no i cannot let it
who am i?
who are you?
who are we, who are we in this together?
man, i just wanna know, what is my purpose in life?
what is my purpose in this whole thing?
what is my purpose, what am i doing here?
what is my purpose, what am i made to do, made to see?
but yeah, they wanted to say that everything “happens for a reason”
i’m just waiting for my thing, my time, to come
i’m waiting for my reason to come before me, yeah, i know that my time will come
now, i know my thing is almost done
and i know that one day i’ll blow up and be everything, and do the things that no-one has ever done
but i’m here now
and you know that i’m sitting down
working for my way to stand up
working for my way to push my sound
but you know i cannot do that
if you know, i cannot stop it now
but you know i cannot do that
yeah, i’m working towards the crown