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letra de black out the sun - darren hayes


“black out the sun”

no turn off the sun
take down the moon
for i don’t need them anymore
go switch off the stars
and paint the sky black
love isn’t ever coming back
there is no use in imagining a world without you
your love was like a drug i was addicted to

cause there is n-body else who could hurt like you hurt me
i don’t want to be lonely
and there is no other way
there’s no joy
there’s no meaning
just this hollowed out feeling
now all the loves gone
and nothing grows here
and i just feel wrong so black out the sun
and all that we shared will slowly disappear
there’s a hole where my soul used to grow
so just black out the sun

no stop all the rain and poison the ground
love doesn’t want to hang around
go turn all the fruits into bitter wine
it was only sweet when you were mine
there is an emptiness inside of me
since you been gone
all the world has lost it’s meaning
all my colors run


and nothing compares
how could it even dare
cause now that love’s gone i want to black out the sun