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letra de the door - danielle durack


tender hearted darlin
keep your head above the water
keep swimming til you reach that shore
pretty little mama
give it everything you got and
keep fighting til you can’t no more

and i’ll be waiting
right outside the door

critical and cautious
think i’m running out of options
might be time to pack my boxes and go
silly little dreamer almost made me a believer
been a while since i’ve seen her now

but she’s there waiting
right outside the door

it was everything i wanted
oh i had it and i lost it
it was right there in my pocket
had to see what else was out there

now i’m grasping at straws
for any single sense of purpose
laying face up on the carpet
landed right back where i started
and i’m spending time alone
but it’s really not a problem
doing fine here on my own
finding ways to pass the time
spending mornings drinking coffee
writing songs about nothing
screaming into the oblivion

but i’m there waiting
right outside the door

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