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letra de the big sleep - dan swano


sometimes when i think about it it doesn’t make any sense
i mean i’m alive and plan to be for yet another seventy years
time waits tor noone
not even tor god
we’re only immortal for a limited time —
someone said we were only born to die
someone said there is a meaning with it all
i love the world and i barely believe that i will leave it for good one day
someone said my religion is the way
someone said don’t try to say that you are not afraid
i refuse to let the angels take me away
i have already learned what heaven and h-ll is about
the big sleep is the only thing that is for sure and we’re all gonna face it
ifs something we have to endure
dreamers say that time will come with a way to stay alive
they mean science will finally reach its goal and offer everlasting life
i love my life and it’s so hard to hear that one day all i am will disappear
i have seen grief and what it does to you
the day will come when i will lose what i was made of
i try to imagine what that would be like but the thought is so unreal so it is
filtered out
i’m so afraid that i won’t have the chance to tell the ones i love how i
really feel inside
i hide my emotions for far too long
i’m so afraid too lose you all that’s the essence of this song
am i the only one to think that h-ll is to be left alone
to live without that special someone
to feel like the king that lost his throne
have you ever seen the dying
touched the fading one
the last time i saw the queen of nostalgia she was basically already gone
time waits for noone
not even for heroes
life will have its way and we have to follow
someone said it might be true what they say
someone said i will be able to freeze the frame of what you are today
i have no wish to be young forever
i just don’t wanna die
someone said our souls will live again
i say the only one that i wanna be is mine

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