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letra de 2 on 1 - dan and drum


it sounded alright in my head
when i said
“looks like stormy weather”
now that i’m home in my bed
i wish i said
let’s be alone together

but now i’m suited up i
can’t leave the party yet
it’s too darn fun
just getting started
i’m a cool guy baby i know
that its driving you wild

you’re fine on your own take five
can’t n0body come in your room uninvited
all you really gotta do is stay alive
if somebody doubting your truth they’re a liar
looking like a vibe in your t shirt
lil off white and its tight on your features
put it in a file to compile all my research
awkward lil smile its the top of the pile

i keep going back in my head
to when you said
we should sleep together
deep down i knew what you meant
but then again
i still don’t know any better
well now its two on one
i always wanted this
so prove your love
go play your part
i got a newborn baby at home
i got plenty of time

shimmy yi shimmy ya shimmy yo
gimme gimme my game and flow back
i don’t wanna hear it if i don’t already know
i don’t wanna say it if i really gotta spell it out
tell me bouta

big talk
walking with the big c-ck clutch
in the gridlock
just watching the tik tok rush by
but i’m lip locked sitting criss cross
till i rip off your head, then i
mail it back to your mom in a ziplock bag

some people can their lessons
but someones gotta die right now
spending my time in the shower
feeling like they’re doubting my power
really shoulda been arrested
twenty five time by now
if i wasn’t white id be out of
my luck my job and my house
i’d be f-cked all around

i get lonely when the tea leaves dry up
i’ll be honest when i see that smile
take it overboad and make it a pile up
i’ll come over if you need my style