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letra de 2 many tears 2 hold - daboii


and i can feel you living through me like you never resting
and i still see you in my sleep sh-t got a n-gga restless
was one n-gga i could count on, wouldn’t second guess it
thought i’d never see the day i see my n-gga breathless
got that call that you got shot i’m like, “why n-ggas playing?”
on the way back from the law praying my n-gga make it
this sh-t so deep you wouldn’t understand my situation
told me to never chase a ho ’cause all these b-tches basic
and by the way, i had a boy, you got a nephew n-gga
i ain’t gon’ lie, you been a hundred since i met you n-gga
these n-ggas outchea out of pocket, can’t respect you n-ggas
if you had problems with my brother then it’s f you n-gga
and i’m still right here where you left me, i ain’t move a muscle
your brother died, i know how it feel to lose a couple
threw so much dirt up on my name they had to use the shovel
seen n-ggas posting rip but they knew nothing of you
told me i got this sh-t on lock before you left me stranded
always brought something to the table, never empty handed
you can’t even trust your blood, all these n-ggas scandalous
told me, “don’t ever settle for less” and that’s the sh-t i ran with
and said i’m chim for wearing sweats and had me wearing jeans
wishing i could pour a eight up with my syrup fiend
they got me right back at the edge, there ain’t no fear in me
and we all swear we here to stay but we all here to leave
remember times we got so high, sh-t faced with you and collin
and never played about your drip, big bro would get to saucing
was a man of all action never with the talking
nothing like them other n-ggas, brodie really walked it
i could still hear you in my head like dboii you the nig
having deep talks with the glock, can’t wait to shoot this b-tch
i know the devil at the door still asking who this is
i been around this sh-t for years, b-tch i ain’t new to sh-t
when i seen you in that casket, boy my heart collapsed
the pain i’m feeling up inside you want no parts of that
thinking to myself, “game on my n-gga, start the match”
swear if i could make a wish i would have brought you back
they say i pop too many percs i been forgetting things
why i gotta put these flowers by my n-gga grave?
this sh-t forever with your boy ain’t had a feeling change
i know they changing like the season, me i’m still the same
i got tired of fighting them demons so i’m always high
in the whip, no destination i just wanna drive
a lot of sh-t i’m holding in sometimes i wanna cry
and it be times where i be lost sometimes don’t wanna try
and i done outgrew some n-ggas who was older than me
i know for the right price will turn my bro against me
somewhere stuck up in my feelings where i’m rolling sticky
’bout time i get back in my bag feel like i owe it to me
always let you take the wheel, you never steer me wrong
still on this everlasting road, still h-lla gears to go
i know i’m down here and you up there but you hear me though
and i won’t let ’em see me down too many tears to hold
two hundred