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letra de 4get you - d e v i l o n


vers 1 :

– i still remember our first conversation , we could feel that it was full of p-ssion , i was in the botom of a dark f-cking hole and you were the one who came to get me out so being with you was my goal

– and when i said you’re the best it wasn’t a troll , i had a feeling that we were related by soul , i felt confident even when we stayed silent , maybe for you it was nothing but my feelings was violent

– i didn’t imagine that some one could change my vision of the world , i felt free like i could fly like a bird , i couldn’t imagine returning to my old life without you , cuz i know that it would be a nightmare that’s true

– even with the distance my feelings were active , spend hours looking at your pic and still find you attractive , to me you were somebody so unique , a little message from you has me weak

vers 2 :

– i didn’t think about a day where i could lose you , i just know that in this story we are two , it was our destiny to meet each other in way or another and to be together , i guess i ended up being a lover

– but not every story has a happy ending , i was enjoying our relation and the time we were spending , until the day that i was afraid of came , after the separation it was my self that i blame

– i don’t know why i have a habit to fall for the wrong person , sometimes i was that my brain could do an inversion , i feel so lost and i miss your presence , i’m exhausted and i hate you absence

– and overthinking take control late night on my bed , and all the voices never stopes screaming in my head , making me wish that i was f-cking dead , but now that i lost my light i am not afraid

chorus :

– i can’t forget you , i’m still over you

– can’t get you out of my head , looking for you instead

vers 3 :

– i can’t stop thinking about you like you were tattooed on my head , i wonder if it will affect you if you found me dead , i’m tormented by the past and afraid of the future , time goes so fast and for me it’s a torture

– i won’t lie i’m lonely cuz i didn’t find better than you , i had to fight the old me and you helped me to , i don’t hate you i just wanna say thank you cuz now i know how to take decisions even if i feel blue

– i just wanna be happy i don’t wanna be sad but my godd-mn heart is still f-cking dead , i wanna be able to forget everything , but it’s impossible cuz i know that i will overthink
that’s so sad , i will end up being mad

– you were ther person who turned me into a better guy , in the hole of depression you gave me wings to fly , i try to be positive yeah i swear i try , cuz i know that in the very end i will die

chorus :

– i can’t forget you , i’m still over you

– can’t get you out of my head , looking for you instead