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letra de 2020 vision - d-cyphr


wrote this near the end of 2019 just to wrap things up
big up esmr revengers on the reviews
last year was garbage so let’s hope this one’s better
r.i.p mac miller

just another day trying to enjoy life
i know i ain’t alright but all my time keeps flying by
thoughts keep flowing round my mind like i ain’t wired right
i need an electrician combined with some prescriptions
a therapist, some addiction to help me out on my mission
to rewire my mind on the right things that i’m missing
i put my pen to the pad and write these bars by myself
to help these people through tough times but can’t even help myself, uh
the insight, see life in hd
put all the letters together, hindsight’s all i see
my past in front of me, still scared of the old me
the screwup little kid who thought he was an og
the current day is a gift, that’s why they call it the present
my personal endeavours still blocked by myself regretting
my past, know i’m a different guy now but still
i’m scared of if i try and screw up bad for real
unlike other people who are all talk no action
i’m all thoughts but no confidence to spark action
screaming stuff attraction because that’s what gets me down some
until a cute girl’s involved, my conscience stays gangsta
sat stressing over this girl who goes to my college
love at first sight is real, yeah i’ve finally acknowledged it
if true power is knowledge then why have i still not talked to her?
wish i could just go and speak to her without an outlet
i’m down, stressed, distracting myself from my exams, great
but still got 88%, 70 is the pass rate
so that’s really good but still i’m not phased
people can’t see how i’m feeling cos i’m always wearing a lost face
i think i need an award where the value actually lasts
a friend or love or something so i can actually pass
life’s main test, can’t take rest
rappers claiming they’re the best lyricists when truly, i’m the apex
predator, want a taste of action, let me get at her
this is just me chilling, you don’t want to see my reckless bars
if you want beef, show me what’s at stake and we can make a start
i’ve been blunt with an old friend and she thought that i was getting sharp
but now i’m back seeking, life’s better without the gloom in it
need the right guy to realise i’m clearly lucrative
my flow is so smooth, you’d think i was rapping lubricant
not even pure water can compare to my fluentness
i do spit that true business, hardly any fooling
i’m ruthless, make fire even when i’m at my coolest
my eyes are brown so why do i see such a blue vision?
back to what i was saying before, this girl on my course
wish i was somebody to do with her
pass me another drink, i’ve already had 2 liqueurs
i don’t need you, truth be told, i don’t need n0body
i just want you, problem is that i don’t trust n0body
but nothing is stopping me, to me she’s more than n0body
i don’t even know her yet but still to me she’s somebody
see you with your friends, yeah i want to join them
just so i can get to you, don’t want to disappoint you
problem is i also don’t want to be disappointed
but you don’t know that, so i just need to get appointed
i love her but i don’t even know her, i wish she knew that
i wish she could see what i’m spitting right now and realise that
i do snap on boom bap, i only spit them true raps
no cap because i don’t do hats, i’m a loose cannon
i just wish i had someone to tighten me up
never had a chance my whole life, finding me love
sometimes my conscience tells me i might just give up
but i don’t, i keep trying for love, i’m a fighter, i must
keep fighting, keep supplying my buzz
i need a queen cos i ain’t just another one biting the dust
we are the champions, me and d-cyphr, that’s us
the man and the conscience, two musical marauders
two personas who wish we could change the world and turn it over
physically, i’m human, mentally i am a supernova
so don’t make the wrong moves or i’ll do you over
just woke up in the morning, i swear the loo is colder
this is just another day i’m trying to get through sober
when things don’t cruise, i just
drink away the pain just to drown all the b-tterflies
in my stomach where they all reside, call it homicide
make them fall and die, just so i can feel all alive
in the summertime because success is what you’ve got to find
i’m waiting for my time