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letra de bang bang - cypress hill


“bang bang”

[intro: b-real (dude)]
this is f-cking weed is good holmes! (f-ck!)
you know, the first time i f-ckin’ blazed up, eh? i was listening to those watto’s cypress hill!
you ever heard of them holmes? (yeah, i heard of ’em… they f-ckin’ suck!)
are you f-ckin’ stupid, eh?
what the f-ck are you talking about?
those watto’s are feed man, holmes! (naaaahhhh!) [car pulls away]
you’re f-ckin’ hater, eh?
don’t f-ckin’, just gonna shoot you, boy! (whatever…) [3 shots]

[bridge 1: voice]
shot down!
shot down!
shot down!
shot down! (bang, bang!)

shot down! (bang, bang!)
shot down! (bang, bang!)
shot down! (bang, bang!)
shot down!

this is for those haters and imitators
take your medicine you won’t like the flavor!
the taste ain’t sweet! – we lace that beef.
never forget how we play in the street!
never forget what you say in the street!
if you talk too loud, get laid with the heat.
we want that cake and jay. – you can’t stop us!
out the gate we take those dollars,
get a crew while we do us some real sh-t.
me and the dogs we rock steady pushin’ the hill sh-t.
we flip scripts like dough boys clip bricks
get money like lottery quick picks!
we stick with it and homie i’m quick witted
still in the game and sane we still spit it.
top level. – livin’ like a rebel.
settle down b-tch while we skip that medal!

[chorus: b-real (voice)]
remember when you motherf-ckers (shot down!)
tried to take what’s mine! (shot down!)
n-gg-‘s left me for dead. (shot down!)
but i’ll never forget! (shot down!)

[bridge 2: voice (sen dog)]
bang, bang! (payback!) shot down!
bang, bang! (payback!) shot down!
bang, bang! (payback!) shot down!
bang… [8 seconds instrumental]

[sen dog:]
i came up in the game doin’ my thang for the paper, (doin’ my thang for the paper!)
never gon’ change! bringin’ bang on the haters. (bringin’ bang on the haters!)
they used to g-ngb-ng on the corner black came out
drop then sayin’: “not the world for this flava! ”
i remember when you n-gg-s used to front on me. (front on me!)
everywhere i ride kept the gun on me. (gun on me!)
i only used to listen to my one o.g., (one o.g.!)
he said: “get money, but stay low key! ” (stay low key!)
so it’s a payback – with pain in the back (pain in the back!)
the whole world gettin’ high (gettin’ high!), when i say it on the track! (on the track!)
and i say it with a gat! (with a gat!) – i never gon’ sleep! (never gon’ sleep!)
f-ckin’ hit ’em up, if you ever wanna trick. (ever wanna trick!)
all it takes is a hit and you never forget
when you smoke on the hill, wanna kill level twist. (wanna kill level twist!)
f-ck a shot! we drinkin’ the whole fifth! (drinkin’ the whole fifth!)
then i ride with them killa g’s, know we don’t miss! (know we don’t miss!)


[bridge 2] [43 seconds instrumental]

[bridge 1: x2]