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letra de disobediance - cryptic carnage


one morning the duke then
is looking down the courtyard
a sight so cruel and cold,
an act of violence-so senseless,
the silence is like a moaning scream,
death takes everything, just like here…

with the sun the light is fading…
“did the murder change my world?”

who am i-am or beast?
i did it but still lost
did i speak fair words in my decision,
or was it just an awful murder?
i’m of royal blood, n-ble and pure
i can’t be the murder once more

i want to lead my people with just hand,
my disgrace shall be forgotten then
i want to ban the devil from my body,
to reach the holy blessing now

some days later, the duke is haunting
he meets two poachers by surprise
“who has given you the right to hunt?
at this old tree you shall find death
the words i speak´, they are the law,
disobediance is paid with death!

i’m of royal blood and i will rule,
who disobeys me is to lose!
he is to lose everything he owns,
for my anger is my world’s rule
the words i speak, they are the law,
disobediance is paid with death!”

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