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letra de merciless extermination - cruentator


in absence of orders find someone and k!ll him
breaching the enemy’s front line and siege it
spearheaded by tanks and bloodthirsty infantry
dash to the wire to exploit the infamous tyranny

thundering death descends on humanity
riding the wires of the destructive insanity
burned alive! no way to survive
flamethrowers attack! no more place to hide

incendiary devices bring shadows and terror
a napalm bombardment is power, not an error
merciless troops with intent to exterminate
an evil command feeds the flames of pain and hate

merciless extermination through fire and flames

launchers of death spitting the infernal mixture
enemies are dying after this savage torture
bodies are burning down, splitting the soul from flesh
the smell of burned skin, prelude to the incoming death

merciless extermination