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letra de marching into a minefield - cruentator


detonation, conflagration, infiltration, devastation

unleashing the impetuous mastiffs of war
vengeance, guide me through fire and fog
ravaging and air striking civilian targets
mustard gas poisoning, melt into darkness

confusing, exhausting, demoralizing the enemy
raids, depredation, never show clemency
loot, rape and pillage as you wish
obey and destroy: all captives must be k!lled

strategic bombing
tactical power
accuracy of fire
trapped in barbed wire
retaliatory attack
glory and guts
feral as a shark
achtung! alarm

gas clouds of death arise from the trench
asphyxiated and disfigured by the sulphurous stench
machine gun fire and explosions all around
mortars and cannons devastating the ground

marching into a minefield
captured, disarmed, mangled and feared
marching into a minefield
slaughtered, crippled, inexorably k!lled

deflagration, mutilation, amputation, domination

peace treaties and agreements no longer count
when thousand of lifeless bodies are laying on the ground
ruthless annihilation makes war supremacy
continuing the carnage on the battlefield