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letra de cluster terror - cruentator


cruel means of destruction
cl-ster of terror and pain
rain of hate, mortal cloud
once you see it, it’s almost too late
falling, dividing in thousand “bomblets”
clashing the ground as a storm
destroying, exploding mortal fire’s burning
with the intent to annihilate

piercing, dismembering, bursting… thousand wounds tearing your flesh
blinded, dazed, deprived of senses… you can just implore your death

mortal toys out of sight of men
spreading the ground with death
created for a specific aim
exploding to mutilate anyone who plays with them
weapons of terror and extermination
there’s no way to avoid your death

cl-ster bombs – no way to escape
cl-ster terror – built to exterminate
cl-ster bombs – mortal device
cl-ster pain – you can only die

lurking into the ground, waiting for their prey (a casualty)
(it takes) just a touch to rise a blast
there’s no way to escape your fate
and there’s no way to avoid your death