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letra de barbaric violence - cruentator


steel, fire, mines, grenades, war

murder will be once more ready for duty
driven by uncontrolled fury and cruelty
fight or die? you have to choose
trained to k!ll anything that moves

a conscious m-ssacre of defenseless souls
slaughtering bodies for the trinity of war
incentivizing savagery through torture and rape
beat them! execute them! fill the m-ss grave

death is the master of your own destiny
leading to vicious attacks on the enemy
fear them! shoot them! make them submissive
the nature of man is brutally aggressive


primordial violence – k!lling with vehemence
inhuman hatred – destroy what is sacred
heinous acts of extreme enmity
bloodsheds and torments for eternity

steel, fire, mines, grenades

barbaric -ssault
ferocious onslaught
slay to perpetrate a new holocaust

steel, fire, grenades, ashes, death

steel, fire, mines, blood, pyres, ashes, death