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letra de internal anthem - cr33


arriving right on time
i never would’ve thought this lie would ever show its face again.
i must defend my integrity my source of alleviation is in him.
i find myself at his feet again and again.
shaken at the least i have to believe he’ll cover for me.
aching because my heart breaks down every time i grieve his spirit.
faking life is the most hypocritical way of living.
waking up and being real with what i’ve been given.
guilt’s an infectious wound.
you try to lie to me but you won’t bring me down.
you try to lie to me but you won’t fake me out.
you try to lie to me but you won’t make me doubt.
you try to lie to me.
to love god is a p-ssion needs more commitment than a fashion.
get your rations from the first and last son.
hitting the bottom with your lack of motivation.
disobedience to god fuels your frustration.
look at your reflection can you recognize?
look in your eyes see past the self indulgent lies.
compromise will only take your life away,
a face in the crowd with nothing left to say.
you’re not gonna make me feel bad.