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letra de 03-04 brady - courtesy of the goodfelllas


i dream bigger my big adventure
middle finger to other side no love for n-gg-s/
we play for keeps we trying to hold position
you see me in it
see i drive it like i stole it, roof missing, lane switching/
spliff splitting, smoking killer, dank twisting
im screwed up that h- town i’m still tippin/
these n-gg-s mad these hoes be after me
they claim that they dont know me but they ask for me/
y’all gone make alex p. go catch a body like he julio
had to get my hands clean the dirt was in my cuticles/
this gone give the 9-5ers life in the cubicle
dont wanna see me win a ring like brady in the super bowl/
well f-ck em all we finna ride on these b-tches
i roll em fat like rick ross im super high on these b-tches/
for my soilders in the field, spent time in the trenches
grinded all summer just to ride off on them inches oh lord/
i remember well, which freaks who did it best but n-gg- i’ll never tell
ain’t felt this motivated since my brother went to jail
since karla left me and i felt like i was trapped in h-ll/
i want no more lo siento’s just silver benzos
light up my spliff my kush is indo, roll up my window/
goodfellas never die now this the second intro
it’s me and brilliant mack again
we finna go to war so grab the blessings from the chaplain/
trying to get you far as possible
i’m throwing javelins/
you done left the door crack now you done let the mac up in/
cold shoulder from my ex cause she ain’t texting back again
and if they miss it play a rerun and see whats happening

2nd verse:
how much time this n-gg- spending on his intro
feel like frank white i see the city from the limo/
king of the city i won’t let em tell you nothing different
yea we hear you making music but we never feel it/
i know you said you keep it real, guess im still indifferent
i know i said i had it all i guess its something missing/
tom cruise here i go i’m on another mission
goodfellas back up in it like its prohibition/
this how bobby brown felt when he left new edition
i saw it coming young n-gg- had a premonition/
got a ring on her finger but won’t call her mrs
she love dark skinned n-gg-s call em hershey kisses/
i ain’t no geninue but i might give her some wishes
m8 or m9 beamer she dont know what the difference is/
she want which ever go the fastest, wood grain in the dash
and matching colors on the benzes but they different cl-sses
you b-st-rds