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letra de run am for us - corizo


yeah yeah yeah

sleep less
upon sleep less night o
am i a vampire
nah your grace i take de live so
nor b man power
nor b man power
many locations de
but nah ur juju sure pass
forget the body spray
baba nah you sure pass

run am for us oh
run am for us
oluwa run am for us

you too bad haha listen

corizo is on another one with koko
without mi telling yu
you supposed don knw the koko
single and searching
nah money mi i wan toast
steady grinding
b like this hustle nah tomatoes
brokeness is the highest kind of fever
it’s gonna get you confused
like that single by danni silver
life is a b-tch
without money
you no fit f-ck am
on god
on god
you nor de tire too de talk am
we street boy’s
so let’s secure the bag
delay fit day
you know say the hustle self dey hard
and if e sure for you
ogbeni nor de brag
some people fail the exam
but on a steady dem b jack
what is my name
corizo is my name
i came up from the ghetto
just to get the fame
i just snitch
now you know my aim
and if you try stop
chale nah you la dem go shame
sleep less
upon sleep less night o
am i a vampire
nah your grace i take de were i de so
nor b man power
many locations de
but nah ur juju bad pass (bad oh)
forget the body spray ooo
baba nah you sure pass
oluwa run am for us
run am for us
oluwa run am for us

we no get the funds
baba na you dae for us
na beg we dae so oh
make you run am for us
e don tey we dae pray
na your answers we dae wait
baba run am for us oh
run am for us
run am for us

yeah eeee yeah
run am for us
oluwa run am for us oh


keep your love
money is what i should be counting
truth be told
love die with moses for mountain
de come real and clean
fake promises later
don’t text me if you aren’t talking about the paper
nor give dem versa
de put you on a death roll
everything end when you detro
money stop nonsense
and it brings fake friends too
you like nor jote down
me am heading for the verse two
when everything de
na dem go regard you
who you remove casket for he birthday detro
go loose-guard you
you broke
serious girlfriend
another guy de worry her
who nor get money
conji nor supposed de worry am
corizo again
nah every beat nah you de masaca
corizo quit rap
you can’t remove oil from the akara
love and friends
those sh-t should be banded
the b-tches can wait
for now you should be money minded
n-ggies be forming loyalty
like wolf
dey want me in there pack
but loyalty is when you have my back
behind my back
stay focus
so who wan shock you make you for shock am
life is a b-tch
burst everywhere so you fit f-ck am
watch your back well
who de come with knife
fit be your best friend
the realest person in your team
should be your girlfriend
the girls sha join
the people way de injure us
the street be like wild animal
very dangerous
get rich or die trying
that is the deal
mind who you trust
n-ggie remember screenshoting is real yeah
the glory they see
they don’t see the pain that you feel
if your boyfriend de give
aunty use your head de bill