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letra de i love everyone - corey smith


“i love everyone”

you could say i’m just a good ‘ol boy
dipped in the batter, country fried
washed in the blood, wrapped in the camoflauge,
a staunch defender of the right side.
i grew up accustomed to the rebel flag,
under the shadow of the cross,
down where the colors never mixed too well,
some folks still mad ‘cuz the south lost.
but i’m a good-hearted, free-thinking son-of-a-gun,
i may talk a little trash, but i don’t hate anyone.

i love black people. i love brown people.
i love muslims and jews, hindus and atheists too,
yes, i love everyone.
i love gay people, i’m not afraid people,
i may sing with a drawl, keep a little chew in my jaw, but i love everyone.

my roots are buried in the georgia clay,
they keep me well-grounded and strong
this little town off of the interstate
is the only place i’ll ever call home.
but i’ve been above the mason-dixon line,
flew across the ocean too.
and i’ve seen god’s children everywhere i’ve been
and they love to laugh as much as we do.
i’m careful of the pride that comes before the fall.
i’m one for mending a fence instead of building a wall.


it ain’t the corn bread or the collered greens
the sweet tea or the bar-b-que
the country music on your radio, it ain’t the gospel in the pew
it ain’t the boots, it ain’t the old blue jeans,
the trucks, the tractors that we drive,
it ain’t the guns, it ain’t the fishing poles, it ain’t the slower pace of life.
it’s how we treat our neighbors treat our neighbors that makes us who we are.


i may sing with a drawl, keep a little chew in my jaw, but i love everyone.