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letra de jellyfish jagger - copycat massacre


there was once athis little boy i knew
i told him you got a skeleton inside of you
he said,” no not me how can this be
this isn’t true my mommy would have told me so”
little boy you got dem bones inside yo
and thier ain’t nothin that you can do
he ran inside cryin’ as i had a laughin’ fit
but what he’d do next i’d regret….a bit

he came out of the house with a carvin knife
said i’mona see if what you said is right
i tried to run but my sandle fell off
i fell to the ground and he was upon me
he tore into my chest with a goblin grin
i tried to fight but i couldn’t win

i could feel my pulse slowing
i knew i was doomed
he raised his hands…..

i guess you was right mr.
lok right here i found i bone
he held his prize were i could see
and i cried out to infinity

don’t let my die on this child’s lawn
but it was too late cause i was long gone
i could was awakened now that i was but natures toy
and i heard from below
“i’m gonna be the jellyfish boy”