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letra de 01 | it's okay in a day - connor the wolf


[verse 1]
f-ckin’ up
pills kicking in, you can’t stop
lookin’ in the mirror
you’re gone, half torn
who’s that, where am i? blacked out, don’t know what i done
demons catchin’ up
yeah, yeah
suddenly the day comes, uh
you wake up, realize the heartbreak as you shake up
anyone you’ve loved, all you had is gone
all you built burned to the floor turned to ashes
resort to whatever may help you to -ssess
the pain, cause you finally realize that you’re goin’ insane
i won’t k!ll myself you say-
you can lie to yourself, sure as h-ll don’t se em that way
cause i can see your eyes
inside, you’re already dead
it’s just your body you finna put to the test
downing that bottle figure the end of your sorrow’s
comin’ out at the bottom, soon there’ll be no struggle
recapitulate, trynna make sense how it came to this
thinkin´ hard it never really makes sense, does it?
the shame, madness unleashed, rock bottom- no shelter, no peace
gone from summer to winter in your head, you see
you’re so radical you just plain f-ckin’ skipped autumn complete
you’re not even scared cause everything out there is looking so bleak
and no matter how deep that blade can reach
nothing compares to the self-hatred the rage and disgust for yourself
so high from the lean
cause now you can’t even sleep
but somehow, there’s something within
one last whiff of strength kickin´ in
and even though you feel like a piece of sh-t
and you’re not gone certainly not from a lack of attempt
makes you wonder doesn’t it? what if i reinitialize?
what can a man staring the reaper in the eye without a blink be afraid of for as long as he’s alive?

you know- it’s just
control- that you-
gotta learn to test and unfold
and its- mistakes
that make
your life-
a wise place to learn, yeah
wise place to learn, yeah

[verse 2]
‘cause the guilt, the pain is so strong
the mirror is the scariest image you’ve seen
speed dial bl–dy mary with the lights off
even that b-tch wouldn’t come and get you cause she thinks you’re a freak
and you feel such dread you know something inside has changed
something has died
someone cut off the light, as you try to hide, relief inside
rather not face the truth sittin in the dark
wishin’ you could go to sleep- close your eyelids
never come back
and the worst thing that happens is you open your eyes
and somehow someway, you’re still alive
hungover, pills and alcohol, makin’ sure your never sober
and trust me, that day you realize, it might be over, it’st your last stance
when you stop screaming for help, skin is getting colder
seems like the only way through is out or under

you know- it’s just
control- that you-
gotta learn to test and unfold
and its- mistakes
that make
your life-
a wise place to learn, yeah
wise place to learn, yeah

[verse 3]

sometimes accepting means letting go
sometimes forgiving means saying no
and i learnt that from the only one i could ever love
sometimes- achievements ain’t nothing more
than a reminder of how far one can come to fall
and once you’re down at your worse- drowning sorrows
sippin it all in, no relief in the bottom of the bottle
exposing yourself to the truth however unsubtle
coming down to pieces usin them to snap open your wrists and
coming clean k!llin your ego and the voices till it seize
that thing that told who you’re supposed to be is gone
and even though your body’s torn
you can begin to rebuild
cause acceptance means starting over and letting go
being honest to yourself and giving up
quitting today to come back tomorrow stronger than ever before
cause if you went through this you’ll know yeah
(just listen to this song motherf-cker)


it’s okay in a day
the scars fade i can barely feel the pain
i know i died inside but life goes on
what are you waiting for it’s a new day out there
it’s a new day out there

[verse 4]
but you just- gotta climb out of that h-ll so please just
listen to me
i know your stuck in this h-ll right here
on earth and n-body knows what you
goin’ trough
i do i understand
the blades the pills the booze been there done that
and yet this song sounds so upbeat
and i can’t go a day without prozac sh-t
but f-ck ill just tell you this
you either drop the ball or grab both b-lls in your shorts
go out there and rebuild your life
i know it will be tough and it
don’t matter if you’re broke, money body and soul
the world don’t give a sh-t and you carry a cross
get ready to fight
i can see, misery, but you’ve had enough
yeah, i know that it’s been tough
that that person’s gone that you’re not sure you can go on
but you’re still here so forgive yourself and go on


cause everytime the lights go off i still see her smile in the dark of the night
and everytime i close my eyes i feel it all fading to black
but i’m still here
piece by piece
still rebuilding
piece by piece
still fighting
piece by piece
and there’s no denying the wolf is taking over tonight

[verse 5]

and they broke your heart, and you feel so much guilt and disgust
for your own, but the wounds will heal
and the scars’ll always be part of your past
and it defines your life, but believe me you ain’t that
forgiving yourself, shedding tears as you come to understand
that what you did to others and yourself ain’t who you are
the sh-t you went through, the people you hurt
those who you betrayed and love turned to hate
it all goes away
and they will forget about you
so take it as a chance
wiped, now a clean sleight
rebuild that life, rehash that pain
break the window get out of the state
now you have gasoline made of hate
take yourself for who you are
cause it’s all we ever have
we don’t get a second chance
i already wasted 16 years of my life
d-mn it goes so fast
i already k!lled someone
i already left behind
my soul my mind
and i embrace who i am
come what may
cause the wolf is k!llin’ time