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letra de tap in !! - community pizza oven


[intro: shayn duncan and ]

ay, that money callin’

i said that money callin’ (shut up)

[hook: shayn duncan and ]
ay, slide up for me b-tch, uh, tap in
we been grindin’ for the winter, b-tch, tap in (for real)
you gon’ want me when i’m up, when i am tapped in
claim she loyal but she textin’ me “what’s happenin'” (wait, for real?)
if you wanna fight, i’ll give yo ass a smackin’
[verse 1: shayn duncan]
flip my phone shut (woo)
i don’t got time for games (nope)
whip doin’ donuts, but, it drive ’round like a school bus (so true)
hundred zillion dollars, that’s a lot of cash (are you even listening?)
b-tch playin’ mahjong, and, she checkin’ the forecast (i hope you get hit by lightning!)
we was watchin’ her favoritе sh-t (yuh)
now i’m playin’ beat saber in vr, and she catchin’ hits (oww, stooop!)
but wе stay goonin’, i got a trello queue to suck my c-ck (i’m telling!)
you said she was fine, well i think she kinda look like an android camera shot
but i don’t even care ’cause when i bust down, my stock steady goin’ up
all my exes and the opposition screaming, crying, and throwin’ up
and i’m footwerkin’ on her p-ssy, dancin’ like chris breeze, how i beat it up
we doin’ quadruple backflips, you probably can’t even, like, do a push up

[bridge: shayn duncan and ]
yeah, uh huuuh
all of my b-tches they tap in
all of my b-tches they tap in
all of us know that you cappin’
had to go blow down her back in

had to go order a pizza, perc got me leanin’ like pisa
she was korean like tisa, i had her moanin’ like lisa
[verse 2: wifi dog]
yeah, yeah, okay
why do these b-tches keep callin’ my phone
i think it’s ’cause they want on my d-ck and my b-lls
he asked me if i’m the one textin’ his b-tch
and i told that lil’ boy, no, i do not recall
i’m blocking their numbers and ducking their shots
we in the hotel kickin’ holes in the wall
i’m settin’ up b00by traps all on his block
they trippin’ his ass and i’m watchin’ him fall (hehe)
smack that b-tch with an iphone 4
smack that b-tch with a macbook pro
smack that b-tch with an ipod 3
smack that b-tch with an iphone se
hit ’em in the head with a yogurt maker
hit ’em in the head with an lg smart fridge
hit ’em in the head with a big ass water bottle
hit ’em in the head with a purple car (yeah, beat his ass!)
i don’t f-ck with veggies, that’s why i be pushing ps
opposition lacking, we ran up and popped his knees
shorty kinda nice, said she got double ds (some big ones)
but b-tch you not the one unless you got quintuple zs (some big ones!)
hopped on bumble for b-tches, and all i see is bs
moving from hoe to hoe, i do not renew the lease
when we roll up, blam, blee
knock the house right out his tree
stole his dutch bros free coffee punch card and then we leave
[bridge: wifidog]
(paper, scissors, rock)
rock paper scissors attack
rock paper scissors attack (paper and scissors)
rock paper scissors attack
rock paper scissors attack
rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
(hit the opponent with the hammer, hit ’em with the hammer)
paper, paper
scissors attack, scissors attack
scissors attack

[outro: shayn duncan]
i’mma photoshop your dumbass out of the group photo