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letra de real people (mixed) - common


real people walk in the streets, the streets is talkin’
often, it’s beef this city never does
people walk and talk in they sleep
cold sweats and wet dreams
on how to get green, our faith is all in a jeep
black souls, raw and they deep
hypes tryna talk with no t–th
shorties sayin’ ball or retreat
a lesson we all speak at one point or another
what you expect from one who smoke a joint with his mother?
anointed hustlers in a fatherless region
through the pain, wish they know that god was just teachin’
we want decent homеs
so dreams, we say out loud like spеakerphones just to keep em on
it’s like a colored song that keep keepin’ on
i guess knowin’ i’m weak is when i’m really bein’ strong
somehow through the dust, i could see the dawn
like the bishop magic juan, that’s why i write freedom songs
for the real people

nicholas craven, what’s the word, my g?

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