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letra de dilapidation and death - colosseum


trying to separate the outside from the inside
trying to remain calm, ‘though they mix in subtle manner
chaos inside, losing all hope, basking in pain that seems endless
alone in this life and its futile signs of malignant forms
silent hatred for nothing, weakened for everything
gloom is no more the same, light increases the pain in this suffering
feelings have shriveled to death, awaiting to die with no idolatry
believing in nothing at all
these bleeding veins are as indifferent as existence in itself
no sorrow behind these wounds, just hatred and pain
reaching the end for good
i might as well just sleep and awake no more to watch the dilapidation of all
i might as well just dream there would be a life instead of growing nothingness
“who told you that i wouldn’t come back to you
i am inside and growing, destroying your mind and your worthless dreams
corrupting your senses, erasing the reason and all that’s left of you
you can’t escape for i’ve become you – forevermore!”
the sight is darkening and chaos reigns in here
there’s no more explanations for this seems like the end
all your precious memories and wishes are gone
the swirl of d-mnation furls you to this nightmare
touching the cosmic horror beyond the sp-ce and time
reaching for inhuman experience, the journey to afar
the limits of mind are gone, hallucinating the death of the universe
vortex of chaos and h-ll leaves only ash and dust
there was none to witness the death of a man who saw it all coming