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letra de great northwest - colorblind james experience


then the things get all confused and things get all shook up
you lose your sense of balance and find yourself upside-down
turn on you water faucet, all this green stuff falls out
and when you try to speak, the words will not make sense

i’m not a big disaster, i get my work all done
sometimes i don’t show up though and i don’t even call in
my fellow workers hate me, i know it’s not their fault
i’ve got to hide my pay check, they’ll try to rip it up

i do not save my money, that makes my wife upset
i like to spend my wages the very first chance i get
sometimes they cut my power, they turn my phone off too
and sometimes i am threatened ’round when the rent is due

but i won’t be ruled by hatred, i will not live in fear
my burden gets to heavy, i’ll simply disappear
i’ll probably shave my eyebrows and cut off all my hair
and paint myself to blend in the great northwest somewhere