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letra de haitian love song - cocorosie


interpretation of early black and white haitian love songs

oceans wept
moutains slept
sidewalks crumbled to ash
your name remains
in children’s lullabies
and your eyes forever in the sky

pull me close
dear i’m tremblin’
hold me tight
i’m afraid ot the night
blackness fills the room
your love, it burns bright

oh, summer winds
remind me of your kiss
soft and warm
i never want to leave this

i never wanted to say goodbye
i’d throw myself to the sea
if god promised you’re inside
we’d float to island paradise
and i’d become your bride

the countryside looks bare
without you lying in her gr-ss
the stream is dry
and the crickets silent
there’s no music in the night
i’d become smoke
and hide in your cigarette pack

to be a star
tossing light
to sparkle in your eyes
i’d become an angel
and kiss this earth goodbye

used to be
just a word to me
but heaven sure was right
when they said jesus left somethin’ behind

every inch of this body
i’d plate in gold for you
even though i ain’t go no money
i’d do it just to keep you

your eyes appear
in every one of my dreams
they glitter and they gleam
like the first time we meet

the chickens, they crowed
and i knowed you’re home
oh, my spirit ran to greet you
before my feet left the porch

interpretation of early black and white haitian love songs