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letra de central park ave. part ii - cobalt skies


i tried to tell you how i felt
i tried, i tried, i tried
your words of wisdom weren’t enough
i lied, i lied, i lied
this gr-ss is wet and our feet are cold
you cried, you cried, you cried
and this way of life is getting old
we sighed, we sighed, we sighed
we spent a day where it is beautiful
without a sun
i know the places you’ve been
but i don’t know the things that you’ve done
and i’m trying not to be a fool
but you’re always way too kind
there’s things i wish i that never said
so lets leave the past behind us
you’re mother speaks to you instead
that portrait was a find
too bad they only came in pairs
that never crossed your mind
we’re both just thinking too much
keeping closed behind our own doors
i know it’s hard to say when it hurts
i can’t think about you anymore