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letra de 03. onthe grind - cloud gang


sleazy got the beat so we making hits

skuh skuh yeah jee

[hook – sleazy onthe track]

straight outta the streets
we on a daily grind yeah{on a daily grind yeah}
when we got the booze
we hit the party yeah{we hit the party yeah}
with my n-ggas now
we get the money yeah{get the money yeah}
onthe grind yeah
on the grind yeah{yeah yeah yeah yeah-oh}
on the grind yeah
on the grind yeah

[verse 1 – sleazy onthe track]

i got chicks on my d they be riding {riding}
no fake gucci we the realest {straight up}
in the fridge yeah we the coolest {coolest}
i’m hustling till the sunset’s {yeeah}
we got the drugs
f-u-c-k to the feds {feds}
i make good points so i know all my targets
haters be kicking buckets
my vision is vivid like stephen curry
am scoring buckets
on the grind yeah yeah
we here for the riches {woo}
yeah we here for the millions
and them hunnid thousands
where my money at now

[bridge – sleazy onthe track]

o-on the grind
onthe onthe onthe grind yeah
onthe grind
onthe onthe onthe grind yeah


[verse 2 – yung freezy]
pleasure and pain i be getting them
no hard feelings i’m a sucker yeah
sucker yeah but you sucking sh-t
came in this game i just graduated
graduated got my masters
got my masters stopped mumbling
mumbling you n-ggas fumbling
h-lla do it in the other spy
got these n-ggas in my puppet show
50 second is a h-lla flow
flow is bit sh-t though
acting numb i just feel dumb
onthe grind on the lane yeah
switching lanes ain’t no stopping me
on the fast n-gga run this sh-t
on the grind tryna get this racks whoo


[verse 3 – jay path]
okay okay its jay path
show respect got lj
talking bout life
i’m blessed out
n-ggas started talking bout rap
on the grind
i’m cursed out
hustling hard got a remedy
got home got a sanity
dirty sprite on the floppy mind
stage fright i’m working hard
got paper they screaming hard
henny in the hand
no hundred
no trap no wrong turn
i be tripping tripping to this life yeah right
i’m free to live the life
blowing my hairline i’m flamed out
treating sleazy beat
sure case i’m the saint now
nah nah nah rrrahhh


sleazy onthe track!

[outro – jay path]
jay path