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letra de ​emerge from the egg, an inherent fault - clinomaniac*


[verse 1: clinomaniac-]
roaches born indignant
forced to fertilize my own ostracism
perfect mantises surround, eyes glued upon the flaws within him
can’t wait to finish first so they can turn and stare, with thoughts vindictive
be the early bird, so the most savory parts are still up in him
crawls inside the walls hidden, lookin’ for pots to p-ss in
while the oculeses finish inspectin’ him and wonderin’ what’s wrong with him
his existence repulsive, thoughts swimmin’, god’s mistake in his creation
k!ll it—tarsuses power trippin’, tartarus cursed him with existence
spend all day prеachin’ it bullsh-t, feedin’ it full clips of cranial ulcers
perforatin’, purulatin’ and pulsin’
downin’ medicinе, a hounded specimen with a propounded edifice of fear surroundin’ everything
snap the roaches mandible, vandalized and made intangible
all laugh at the screams of the wounded animal
yips and yaps, profit seeking, doctor gishgollaps around
strings attached, constant tit-for-tat
constantly at fault, whether for this or that, uh
it doesn’t matter what he does
muzzle up, shut him up
spray the bug spray and then go and cut him up

[verse 2: toxiplays]
and all he knows is acquiescence, stagnant faults from adolesence
heaven-sent bluetooth look for earth connections, act surprised when it just doesn’t happen
they pass him through ward and ward ’cause these living conditions, they can’t imagine
forgot to check whether or not the kid himself considers this stuff a fragment
my entire state of living thus far has been livin’ life in fractions
sign off from the harder days, and on some nights, had to come with terms with god and him seemingly givin’ me that contractin’
i pass off the keys to my n-ggas—so, really, it’s the furthest thing from y’all carjackin’
’cause them, my only lastin’ backin’
bethink on time a young tox looked ’emself in the mirror, vision i’m holdin’ dear
such a perfect image of myself feel like it erodes every year
shifts happen of course, that’s why i know to keep a stick now
’cause n-ggas don’t scr-p to fight no more, really, they just aim to end it quick now
if you don’t speak up ‘gainst such a system, huh, realize that you complacent
really, a bystander and an accomplice, they ain’t too adjacent against the main assailants, huh
and if you come to me and ask who’s to blame, don’t act like you weren’t caught up
all i know is may 15th, i came out of that living water and subjected my flesh to a slaughter
look at the form i had previously, lay lifelessly in the street
only feelin’ joy inside of me, because that’s no longer where i be, huh
cups of the rosé, pass it ’round the mob, uh
i told hillary she a waste, because my only fear right now is of god, oh my



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