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letra de imsofuckingtired - cleo's trademark


[verse 1: cleo’s trademark]
yeah, ay, ay
would it make sense just to run around?
cleo and k4rve cookin’ up feelin’ safe and sound
makin’ a band at only 15 is kinda crazy
go roll me up another one, i’m feelin’ kinda hazy (yeah, ay)
it’s time to get high now, uh
i got my depression, i got my anxiety, feelin’ alive now, uh
i’m tryna be cool but i may just go ape
send you to the sky now, uh
i’m feelin’ like jj and logan, i’m in my prime now, uh
yeah, ay
i’m from the southwest, bay area, that’s where i reside
golden gate bridge in my rs7 watchin’ the tide
doin’ a good a hunnid and 40 on 101
and best believe i’m treatin’ y’all like royalty when i am done
my memory’s affected by all of this green
i can barely see especially at one in the morning
my mind isn’t soaring, it’s only racing
now i can’t even think
i can’t even think…
[bridge: desmond “etika” amofah]
when you start waking up and you don’t have a purpose and you’re not doing anything for yourself, man
i’m telling you, it rots you
you have to ensure that there’s at least somethin’ that you’re livin’ for, that you’re goin’ for, that you’re always gonna be, like, passionate about, that you’re striving towards
go do something with life, man! go make something happen!
you wanna see some change in the world? go do it yourself!

[verse 2: cleo’s trademark]
aw yeah, ay, ay
half of my depression is through heartbreak
every f-ckin’ day, i wonder “how much more can i take?”
fillin’ up my lungs with all this weed and nicotine vapes
ain’t been sober in like 3 days, it’s lowkey exhausting
love is a gun, i never know when to run
don’t think i do this for fun
i spend my days constantly pacin’ and my heart is racin’
looking for some form of communication effort
it seems i’m divin’ head-first
could be cleo and cleo, we should never say never (d-mn)
but that’s a story for another time, another rhyme
look at this girl, she’s so divine
it’s 2am and i’m wondering whether i’ll be fine
’cause i can see my mental health at a steady decline
and all that i’m wishin’, to everyone that is listenin’

[outro: cleo’s trademark]
just go out there in the world, man, and just
make somebody smile, trust me
it’ll really help them out a f-ckton