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letra de not far away - clay hider


[verse 1]
maybe we dreamed a little too far
seems that we jumped the gun at the start
did we consider who we are
seems like there’s something tearing apart

[chorus 1]
my heart didn’t want the change
but i knew i couldn’t stay this way
and now the painful things are said
and i can finally rest my head
[verse 2]
baby, i pray you guard your heart
wherever, whoever you are
picture the future, imagine the start
and dream big things you know it’s not far away

[chorus 2]
my heart is ready for the changе
and new things are coming my way
and now the journеy lies ahead
and i can barely comprehend

[verse 3]
that you and i will meet real soon
until then i will wait for you
just a dreamer over the moon
can’t wait to make new memories with you