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letra de b22 money - clavish


(hd beats)

ah, i got rappers in my dm tryna disrespect my worth
offerin’ b22 money for a verse
see, i don’t know what you heard, or if you heard how i’m comin’
couple rounds, i ain’t cuffin’
she belongs to the streets
are you buzzin’? she a ho
i hope she ain’t tellin’ people she my cousin
in my mouth i put half-a-dozen
get the prettiest of women with minimal discussion
and, of course, we brang it with us if you see us in the function
in the hood, n-ggas got to watch their tone if they ain’t one to step
started off the year not buying jordans, bought some guns instead
thеy value their life, so whеn they see us they just run instead
free my big homie, we left couple man on pebble beds
karma’s a b-tch, and a crazy one
so i ain’t gonna rap about anybody’s boo, or their baby-mum
but n-ggas need to start strappin’ up
you’re breedin’ girls that will go and f-ck guys that wanna see you in the mud
what the h-ll? what the f-ck?
you is only on that block ’cause you is not one of us
mum caught me baggin’, what’s the chance she’s not gonna cuss?
if they’re sendin’ me to jail, or i’m on tour, only time you’ll see me on a bus
i might need four hands to count the n-ggas i love
but i don’t even need one to count the n-ggas i trust
i might need six hands to count the n-ggas i’ve robbed
that could’ve been their mobile phone, their wife or a box
and the fiends they be taking pics, but very rare they’re sayin’, “cheese”
girls wanna f-ck with me, it’s rare that they ain’t sayin’, “please”
sprs, amgs, n-ggas think they been about
but where were they when we were going sports direct to kfc?
i need to leave the hood more and spend more time in duty free
every time i buy jewels, i’ma buy a new machine
stepped out with zero miles, new amiri, new celine
my forces cost a extra bill, ’cause on the side it says, “supreme”
insta’ got this dropper stressin’ me, she’s askin’ why she follows me
and why i follow tennessee
free swady, all he wants is n-ggas pourin’ hennessey
my mali one, no bbl, her back bigger than hennedey’s
mummy found my crack, told me she prefer me sellin’ weed
i tried, but that weren’t my thing, so i’m back sellin’ these
mood swings be on fleek when i’m in the cemetery
n-ggas diss the dead, them n-ggas got more dead n-ggas than me
that don’t make no sense
n-ggas been in the trap for years and they ain’t made a pence
i’ve seen couple n-ggas get it worse for sittin’ on the fence
my youngins can’t drive, so, if they wanna ride, i give them peds
and, they don’t owe me sh-t if it’s stab wounds and nothin’ less
she loves my smile, probably ’cause it’s vvs
i bet you i can still hit it even though she knows that i jeet her friends
me and big wo probably’ll drill if we attend
now, bare n-ggas gotta get back if we meet again