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letra de rent-a-tent - cky


good afternoon

you guys rent tents?

yes we do

well i would like me and my friends are going camping and we want to rent a tent cuz we’re going to pitch a tent together

oh you are huh?

how much are the tents to rent?

hold on one second

okay. h-llo!

as always, we’re glad you called


please stay on the line and a representative will be with you

i’m staying on the line! this music driving me crazy! the music! turn the music off!

thank you for holding, can i help you? man that music it drive me crazy. you guys rent tents?

i want to rent a tent. how much are tents cost? i want to rent three tents for two people

three tents for two people?

yeah cuz we like to stretch out when we pitch a tent. you know? how much would this cost?

uh can i ask who i’m talking to?

it’s cotter!

i’m sorry?



i want to rent a tent do you need some social security? some id or something?

uh yeah i’m going to need a lot more information

well i’m gonna need a tent honey so i need to come in there and get a tent. can i come in the store or you guys ship it out with ups? you know ups? ups like a tent cuz we’re gonna pitch one

can i ask who i’m talking to?
it’s cotter. welcome back cotter!

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