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letra de 20/20 - citycop


can’t fathom how you’ll get outta this one
don’t mistake is for a calculated rhythm
and despite your prior convictions
you’re still here
you’re still thriving
they’re still crying
and quite frankly, we’re tired of trying
and whatever you’re selling, we’re not buying

take out the days off
not something you’d like to share
and i see you standing there
with empty hands
and i hear you over there
with empty words
with empty words
dark eyes, blank stare

times up!
and i don’t see any signs of progress
times up!
and we played right into your false intellect
times up!
and three years is too long to wait for you to die
pack up your things, retreat to your tower
just stay the f-ck out of mine
can’t make something great again
if you’re only moving backwards in time
can’t blame you for trying your hand
it’s a shame i’m at the point of crossing out the days
i guess i’ll stay
it’s a shame we’re dealt a joker in a full deck of spades

can’t fathom how you got outta that one
it was all about your complicated rhythms
and despite your vocal contradictions
you’re still here
pushing all of your treasonous ambitions once again
but i’ll see you in h-ll, i guess you win
i’ll see you in h-ll, i guess you win