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letra de the firestorm apocalypse - cirith gorgor


(lyrics: marchosias)

we stand at the dawn of the battle of ages
and proudly raise our heads towards an endless blood red sky
our heathen hearts are filled with melancholy and hate
for on this day the cursed ones will finally prevail

fire in the sky – humanity will die
cosmic winds of hate – sealing mankind’s fate
the feeble race stands frozen – realising they’re not chosen
their dreams will end in pain – through universal bane

a ferocious yet majestic storm slowly rages on
consuming the pathetic mortals’ realm of light
celestial clouds are spitting astral flames without end
reducing pitiful christian souls to blackened dust
not a shadow nor a memory survives in this dimension
and even time itself is doomed to perish in the flames
behold this day’s grotesque obliteration of mankind
a monumental tribute to the rise of utter darkness

a thousand silent centuries have p-ssed
still equilibrium is once again regained
our heathen hearts are filled with melancholy and honour
and as we proudly raise our swords to hail the dark of night
a distant light marks the coming of a greater era…

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