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letra de undercover minor chords - ciaran austin


[verse 1]

i was wondering if i lost it
but jealously brought that fire again
i realise it’s in my power
i synthesize these meanings, i’m back to dreaming for hours
it’s just me and my muse
searching for green rays, that’s just something to do
me and my blue ways wanted nothing but truth
really i’m so attuned to be all about the mood
with these minor chords and a lack of appluase
i’m not worried about reception, i’m just working some more
when you know that you’re precocious but n0body really notice
still let me reach, i need colour like i’m matisse
just wait until it all comes together
conceptualise my experience, i’m really getting better
for four months all i ever saw was black
with my laptop as my orchestra i’m handing it back

take your hand, still lost touch
i miss everything, i need everything